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Spinner chief Update October 2015

Spinner Chief 3 And Spinner Chief 4  Videos Tutorial

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SpinnerChief 3 – Spin Tree Feature:

  • The best tool for manual spin demanders.
  • Generate ultimate-spun article in minutes.


SpinnerChief 3 – SuperSpin

Generate readable and unique article by one click. Only available with SpinnerChief Ultimate. Visit here to buy!


SpinnerChief 3 – Sentence Spin

Spin sentence automatically, used sentence spin + spin to generate nested and readable article fully automatically.

SpinnerChief 3 – SuperSpin + Sentence Spin

SpinnerChief 4 – Video

Cloud ‘bad’ Words
Cloud ‘bad’ words can avoid SpinnerChief to replace the word that maybe lead an unreadable after the spin. So this function will make the spun article more readable.

Cloud ‘Good’ Words

The Cloud ‘good’ words function will be used by SpinnerChief first when spin. It will make the spun article more readable too.

SpinnerChief 4 – Video


SpinnerChief 4 VS WordAI and other Spinners

How To Get SpinnerChief 4 Free Version

How To Get SpinnerChief 4 Free Version

  1. Please download WhiteHatBox App software – Click Here! Or Click SpinnerChief to visit main site ( In case of whitehat server down – Internal Server Error!) or
  2. Click “Download Now!”


  • After downloaded the software, please install and run Whitehatbox app.
  • After download, SpinnerChief 4 will install automatically. Then you can run SpinnerChief 4 there directly.
  • After run SpinnerChief 4, select “Start Free Version”, then use your name and email to register and login.

Why do we let you run SpinnerChief 4 in Whitehatbox app?

This is an often asked question, the answer is that because Whitehatbox app provides some good functions for you, like auto-update, recover to the last version and auto-resume from crash etc. So now we put all of our software in the Whitehatbox app, you can run/update/manage all software’s in one place.

SpinnerChief 4 Paid Version

SpinnerChief 4 paid version will give you best spin quality and speed,

it will give you both desktop version and web version with one license, that means you can use SpinnerChief on Mac now with the browser.

The new content scraper ( will come with SpinnerChief 4 too, you will get a free special version of ContentBomb if you are a SpinnerChief Ultimate user.

Finally, you will be upgraded to SpinnerChief 4 freely if you are SpinnerChief 3 users.

Upgrade SpinnerChief Elite 2 to Spinner Chief Elite 3 and Spinner Chief Elite 4 – Click here to learn more!

Can I use SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate license on two computers?

I wanna buy SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate Version – $7 for 3 days, then $77 per year, I want to know one thing. I want to use it on 2 computers (my laptop and desktop), So please tell me
how many computers are allowed in one license

Ans: Yes, you can use the license code on two computers. But better not more than three

Additionally, you can also use it on 2 computers with Spinner Chief 4 Elite license.

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SpinnerChief 20% Discount Code

Spinner Chief 4 Discount Code


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SpinnerChief Web

Allow you to use SpinnerChief on a browser. That means you can use SpinnerChief on MacBook, Ipad and Android system now.

SpinnerChief 4 Ultimate

Super Spin
Generate readable and unique article by one click!

Alternative-SC-And-Whitehat Download

Virus Scan


SpinnerChief API

You will get the best spin result by using SpinnerChief Ultimate API in the third-part softwares.

Spinner Chief Promo | Coupon Code

Use the following discount or coupon code to write off 20% from the original price. Valid to all Spinner Chief version.

How To Upgrade SC Elite 2 To SC Elite 4


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