How To Free Upgrade Spinner Chief 4 To Spinner Chief 5

Spinner Chief 4 Free Upgrade To Spinner Chief 5

SpinnerChief 5 has just been released, and all SpinnerChief 4 paid user can use SpinnerChief 5 for free.

The process of upgrading is really easy. Just apply your SpinnerChief 4 serial number to login in SpinnerChief 5.


Upgrade Process

  1. Download Spinner Chief 5 and run.
  2. Login and apply your Spinner Chief 4 Serial Number. Usually, Serial Number came with your email or your own record when upgrading from the old version.

The serial number that I have looked like this:

  • Old SN1: 6E85RG3xxxx
  • Old SN2: BFEBFBFF6FD5RG3xxxx
  • New SN: cafcd9a9-af93-45aa-a4fb-cx12345678z9

Upgrading completed!

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