How To Write A Feature Article

When writing a feature article keep in mind that unlike traditional articles the focus should be on interesting and thoughtful content. Often times you will be given a subject to write on, but in those times that you are given free rein on the words you write choose and exciting topic that tells a story, rather than a story that follows a chronological order. When you write a featured article the most important aspect will be that you follow a story rather than a set of facts. To follow that type of in depth writing you will need to research and read far more than if you were simply reporting on an event. Times, places, persons, and overarching motives have most likely been established. You need to find a new angle to follow when you write your piece.

Including of quote within a feature article can assist you in gaining credibility to the audience. Find a quote that engages the audience and tells part of the story with the quote. You want to lead your readers to a conclusion rather than presenting facts for them to make a decision. After you have found a quote begin to draft an outline for your article, rather than an online blog piece look for an outline that drafts a story, use the outline to monitor how your writing is following the flow of the article.

Quick Tip:

Include these aspect when you write to create a well-rounded article that is interesting and compelling: Human interest, moods, atmosphere, emotion, irony, humor.

The first mistake that many people make when writing a feature article is to fail to follow the journalism style. Your report still needs to be news, well researched, and cited. Feature articles do not follow the typical outline of blog posts. If youíre still confused about what exactly a feature article is and is not, read articles online from large publications. They will help you get a feel for the types of article you should be creating.

In todayís word all writing needs to be clear and concise. Long gone are the days of long, word, posts that draw out the English language. As attention spans grow shorter the fewer words you use grows ever more important. If you can shorten how you write something, do it. Your audience will thank you.

Lastly jargon, ever increasing in popularity online, inside jokes, personal opinions, dated references, and local humor should be kept out of your piece. You want to avoid anything that might distance yourself from your audience. Many readers are turned off now by reading what they donít understand. Avoid this by removing the colloquial terms from your writing and it you must use them, explain their meaning within your writing.

Feature articles grow in importance with todayís writing, when chose to write a piece take your time and enjoy putting all the facts for your readers on the table. After searching for more information for days your readers will thank you that your article sums up the entire situation and answers the questions they have.

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