Whenever we released SpinnerChief, the reaction was fantastic, people loved SpinnerChief, plus they were amazed that Spinner Chief would release this type of powerful article-spinning software totally free.

Because SpinnerChief is this type of high-quality application, better and much more powerful than a number of other spinners, then obviously it will affect the company of other, less dominant commercially available spinners. On some forums, a pattern emerged of certain users stating that SpinnerChief was malware. We understand their motives. They would like to protect their business. However, within our opinion, spreading outright lies about your competitor(s) and many is not really the proper way to start this.

We defended ourselves resolutely and diligently within the forums. However, there might be many people who still have doubts. We are writing to make sure you that SpinnerChief was, is and always is going to be completely secure on your PC. We now have produced quality software for several years, and we might not be so daft regarding to compromise our reputation and our business by releasing software that compromises our very own customers' security. We even registered the domain spinnerchief. com, if SpinnerChief was malware we might be risking legal action.

We always meant to develop SpinnerChief to improve its power and ability, but following the recent 'dirty tricks' campaign by our competitor(s), we have been now absolutely determined to get this done, until SpinnerChief becomes the undisputed Best Spinner and industry-standard content creating software.

So, our critics and competitors did a favor, certainly there is a great computer software at this stage, but soon it is going to raise head and shoulders that beats all others, because we are going to add the functions, YOU suggest. If you have any suggestions, please reply, and help us to create SpinnerChief the best article spinner available, not to mention – it's FREE! we would appreciate to show some gratitude to your support.

Lastly, but not the least, we have to ask ourselves whether certain Malware detector can be a reliable indicator or measurement for any software to be judged as product defectives? Look at one example below from PC MAG report.

Unfortunately, it also flagged many perfectly valid programs as malicious.