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Spinner Chief II beta stop?

Spinner Chief 2 has been in beta a long time now, we have added many functions and fixed many bugs according to users’ suggestions during the beta period.

Spinner Chief 2 Elite are very stable to use and working well. Spinner Chief needed fund to support for the future development.

Detail Listed Below:

  • Spinner chief disabled all beta licences registered using ‘beta’ as paycode. If you were SC1 elite user and used SC1 paycode to register, the licence will not be disabled.
  • If you were SC1 elite user and still haven’t registered SC2, you can use the exactly same name, email and paycode with your SC1 license to register an SC2 account, you will get authorization automatically. Notice: you must register on the same computer as your SC1.
  • If you were a SC1 paid user, but not elite user, you can pay the difference in price to upgrade to Sc2 elite. The price is ( $147 minus your paid money ). For example, you paid $97 for SC1 pro. You can now pay $147-$97=$50 to upgrade to SC2 elite.
  • What you need to do is calculate the price by yourself and send the payment to Spinner Chief owner pay pal account. Then, you have to write, “upgrade to SC2 elite,” as well write your SC1 payment email in the email message.

Included the Spinner Chief Basic features, Spinner Chief Elite has more features as shown from the following.

[wp_graphic id=”feature8″ type=”feature” align=”center” title=”Spinner Chief Elite – Part I” width=”500px”]

  • Cloud Thesaurus. Access over a million synonyms created by real users and use the cloud thesaurus phrase replacement feature to generate human-readable and unique new articles automatically. The amount of synonyms in the thesaurus is increasing daily.
  • Part Of Speech/POS. Part of speech matching identifies the context of words. The POS engine can work out if a synonym is a noun, a verb, an adjective, etc.
    By matching the Part of Speech of a synonym to its original word, you can achieve grammatically and contextually correct articles.
  • Custom/Cloud Grammar A.I. This is not a usual grammar checker; it is a revolutionary way to correct your grammar when a spin article for getting more readable spun articles. You can use your custom grammar A.I. Or use the Cloud A.I. generated by all users.
  • Custom/Cloud Rules. Cloud Rules is a supplementary to POS function. This function can select better synonyms by analyse the related words within the sentence. This will help you to generate a more readable articles definitely and the rules are created by users, and it is getting better and better.
  • Custom/Cloud Negs. Cloud Negs is another revolutionary way invented by us for removing bad synonyms. The cloud negs database is based on all users’ select/input too. Using this function, program will use better synonyms to spin your article.
  • Tips Plugin.You have seen this type of article before – e.g. “10 Tips To Lose Weight” The key factor for this type of article is that each tip (each paragraph) makes sense in its own right – independently of the rest of the article. So if you can get a bunch of these paragraphs together, then you can mix any number of paragraphs in order to make your new article. The SpinnerChief TIPS plugin will do this task effortlessly for you.
  • SK Plugin. It’s a long, lengthy job to research your keywords, keyword phrases, LSIs, etc. and then write to be content for your chosen search term that has the flawless keywords, and the perfect density of those keywords. This plugin looks at the top 10 Google SERPS for your search term, compares them to each other, and afterwards tells you the keywords that ALL the top 10 pages are using in their content, PLUS the density of those keywords. In less than a minute, you will know EXACTLY which keywords and their relevant density to include in your website copy so that it matches Google’s exact keyword expectations.
  • Miracle Thesaurus. They said it couldn’t be done! Our Miracle Thesaurus CAN auto-spin to a human-readable level.
  • Video Scraper.This function scrapes videos from YouTube according to your keywords, and you can easily insert these videos into your article with one click.
  • Picture Scraper. This function scrapes pictures from the Internet according to your keywords, and you can easily insert these pictures into your article with one click.


Scraper| Spinner| Submitter All In One

[wp_graphic id=”feature9″ type=”feature” align=”center” title=”Spinner Chief Elite – Part II” width=”500px”]

  • Project create/save/load. Save all the Spinner Chief feature settings as a project – load the project thesaurus automatically. No more having to go through all the settings and set them to your preferences before you start to work-load up your project, and you’re away.
  • Article scraper. Choose one of the selected sources and scrape articles based on your keywords, then import them into Spinner Chief and be ready to start spinning!
  • Copyscape plugin. Enter your Copyscape ID and API and check any article straight from Spinner Chief.
  • SC duplicate copy checker. Similar function to Copyscape to check if there duplicate copies of your article published on the Internet. The good thing is that you don’t need to pay any credits to check your article by using this function – it’s totally free!
  • Content Hurricane plugin. This awesome tool (see contenthurricane.com) is now integrated as a plugin for Spinner Chief PRO.
  • Html Spin. Import full web pages, protect html code when you spin, easily edit the html code, add and spin images-great for creating simple spun web pages and blog posts.
  • SEO Writing. Keyword Density Count- heck the density of your project keywords, and add any more keywords that you want to check.
  • Batch Add Hyperlink. Highlight a bunch of selected words in your article, and make them all anchor text for any URL – great for generating powerful backlinks.
  • Import Variables From Csv Files. in Spinner Chief PRO you can now import sequentially instead of randomly.
  • Swap Paragraph. Easily swap paragraphs when you spin to make your articles more unique.
  • Free Update. We update our software often, and you can always get the newest version by using the auto-update. You will receive frequent updates with continuing development and enhancements.


Spinner Chief Elite Tutorial

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Note: You also need to activate the legitimate license using the Machine code number: Something read like below (XXXXFBFF6FD00000000002252358778998A221)

right from your PC. Furthermore, the activation is also done manually by the vendor, and you have to email the support team for verification.

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