Spinner Chief Thesaurus Questions And Solutions

Spinner Chief Thesaurus Questions And Answer

How do I add thesaurus files to the default?

I have searched the forum but can't find an answer to this, which leads me to think I am being obtuse an unable to see the easy answer. I downloaded 2 free thesaurus' from the thesaurus exchange but cannot figure out how to add them to the default thesaurus file so that everything is in one file.

Ans: They cannot be combined.


When I download your thesaurus it comes in a DAT file. How do I put this into SP?

Ans: Either when you first open SC, and you are asked to load a thesaurus, or through the synonyms management tab.


How can we create our own Thesaurus?
Can we create our own thesaurus and merge into the default? I would like to add new words but don't see an easy way to do this.

Ans: Yes, please check the videos.


Changing default thesaurus:

Can you change which thesaurus loads as the default thesaurus?

Ans: Yes – rename the desired thesaurus to 'thesaurus.dat'


How to Load Thesaurus into SpinnerChief

I'm a new user trying to get downloaded Thesaurus into Spinner Chief. Could someone please point me to a video or help article to get instructions on how to get Thesaurus into Spinner Chief software.

When you open SpinnerChief it asks you which thesaurus you want to load. If you want to load the default, check 'default' If you want to load some other thesaurus, check 'load other thesaurus' and browse for it.

How about adding a feature inside SpinnerChief that allows us to on the fly if we are manually spinning an article, word for word like i do on a lot of my articles, to be able to add new synonyms to the default thesaurus or the one that is currently loaded for one of the words.

Like for example i come across "into the" the default thesaurus does not offer the synonym "onto the" or "toward the" which in some sentences might do better than the others.

I know we can come up with our own thesaurus but a lot of times after i am done with the article i completely forget what i wanted to added as i sometimes come across a few that i would have liked to add or use at the time.

I just think it would be a nice feature and help people build bigger and better thesaurus's.


  1. Highlight word or phrase, word or phrase will appear in the bottom left window
  2. Add new synonyms, one on each line in the bottom-left window
  3. From the 'quick save synonyms' box in this window, select 'create new synonyms group' if it is a new group, or 'add to existent synonyms group' if that is what you want to do
  4. Click the big red button that appears at the bottom of the software 'saved changed synonyms file to disk'
Thesaurus Question For New Spinner Chief II Version 2.5

Question: Still no way to modify the thesaurus. I can not add or remove synonyms. pretty crazy, this is a spinner! Use own thesaurus file as default thesauri is not working. brings error

Ans: As we have discussd before, you cannot edit the default thesaurus. It is not a feature, and we do not intend it to be a feature. If you want to 'remove' synonyms use the Neg system. If you want to add to the thesaurus, create a new one with the default as a base.


A new favorite problem!

When i close the sp and reopen it , I found the favoriate i saved disappeared , I mean i only found the name of my favorite without any words saved in it.

I want to know where is the favorites saved in hard disk , I mean where I can find it?

is I'm the only person have favorite problem , and work good with other people or it is a general problem?

I really need the favorites so much, I can't save my work and i start again from begining each time, is there anything I can do to work like others

Ans: The favorite is saved in the file named favorite.dat in the program folder. Please check if there is the file.

And I tested many times again, it is working for me, please do more test, try to input few favorite words and close software, and then reopen it to see if it is saved.

If i save it as a new thesaurus, i won't be able find the rest of the words synonym , i'll find only the favorites word, isn't it?

Ans: Correct

But when i open batch "add words to my favorate" i didn't see any favoraite words

Ans: That is correct. You are not supposed to see your favorites when you use this function, it is for ADDING words to the favorites thesaurus. Please watch the video tutorial on this function.

When i make project file , the SC don't ask me about threasure i want.
Ans: No it doesn't. It asks if you want the current thesaurus to be the default thesaurus for the new project.

It just ask me "do you want to import thesaurus" then open one and i think it is the defualt one?

Ans: No, it asks that question when you OPEN a profile, not when you MAKE a profile. And in any case, it does not import the default thesaurus, it imports whatever thesaurus you assigned to that project. Furthermore if you want to change the project default thesaurus you can do so in the synonyms management tab.

Bold Words

First make sure that Super Replace is enabled in the options tab.
Secondly, do not expect words to go bold just because you have a favorites thesaurus. The system does not work like that. It only makes words go bold if you have already entered synonyms for the word

Mate, I think that the only problem here is that you have not taken the time to learn the functions of SpinnerChief. Please watch the relevent video tutorials, especially batch add synonyms to favorites and reciprical super replace.

BTW There is a 'save changed project to disk' button – are you using it?

I see the synonyms in the favorite tab for some words when i make ctl+alt but no detection for the words (don't change to bold) and the "super replace reciprocal" in the option tab is checked , this is my big problem.

Ans: As i said before, that is not how the system works. Words only go bold if you have already enetered the synonyms. It is nothing to do with your favorites.

And also i notice when i pass the words with ctrl+alt and i'm on the tab of favorite , if i passed on a word that doesn't exist in favoraite the tabe is changed to default thesaurus and keep on the defualt and not go to favoraite again, until i choose favoraite tab again

Ans: Well now I think you have a point there. I think what we need an update for that. In the meantime, you can use your favorites by using the Operations menu command 'identify synonyms' – make sure 'use my favorite thesaurus' is checked.

The favoraite is useless for me i can only store word with its synoym in it but it is not detected by ctrl+alt when i need for other articles
Ans: Yes

In fact i didn't use save changed to favoraite to disk, is it to save the favoraite or to load the project again another time?

Ans: If you don't save your favorites to disk they won't be there for you the next time you use the thesaurus.

To be honest, I don't think many people use the favorites, I think most people do the same as me – add your 'favorites' to the main thesaurus. Have you tried that? You can also delete any unwanted synonyms too. If you use SC in this way, in my opinion it is more effective than using favorites.

I just want ctl+alt make words bold like the youtube tutorial video 
Ans: I don't know how many different ways I can say this. Your words are not going to go bold. THAT IS NOT THE WAY IT WORKS. Click on 'Manage Temporary Thesaurus'. Only the synonyms in there will go bold. The temporary thesaurus is deleted every time SpinnerChief is closed.

If i add my favorites only to default thesaurus and delete the other words i'll lost important synoym that i need in some article

Ans: Well don't delete them then!

And also i'll choose each synonym manualy not by ctrl+alt that make it bold instantly.

Ans: It's not going to happen. See above.

You need to learn how this software works. You are trying to make it do something which it has not been programmed to do. There is nothing to 'solve' other your understanding of how the software works.

If you want to insert synonyms automatically using your favorites thesaurus, do it like this. Operations/spin to {} format. Check the box 'use my favorite thesaurus', and change the spin frequency to 1. Job done.


How can I add Keywords and google suggested keywords to the default thesaurus?

You can add Google Adwords suggested keywords to a thesaurus directly from within SpinnerChief, just click the "Add keywords to the article synonyms when select keyword(s) there" and select the desired keywords in the Google Adwords app, and they'll drop into your "Input Synonyms" box where you can add them to a thesaurus as you choose, using "Quick Save Synonyms".

That works a bit for me, but I'm not familiar with the Adwords interface so I didn't see hundreds of keywords as I expected.  Anyway, there are lots of keyword tools you can use, then copy/paste.

I guess you could build up a thesaurus with your Google keywords, using the technique in the recommended video at

SpinnerChief Tutorial – Add And Delete Synonyms


SpinnerChief Tutorial – Add Synonyms Using The Google Adwords Keyword Tool


But I'm missing something here– What's the benefit of adding Google keywords to a Thesaurus?  Seems the "Replace all words with the current selected words" might be faster?  Building a thesaurus requires manual association of words and their synonyms, which seems like a lot of unnecessary work unless you were producing lots of articles for a narrow category.

The reciprocal replace feature in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt-sa0DGTBk , should make it easy to semi-automatically replace appropriate synonyms with your Google keywords in a normal article build.


SpinnerChief – Reciprocal Super Replace


Reciprocal synonym question

I'm trying to make my faves thesaurus extremely focused and tight so i can start producing good spins faster. What I'm having problems with is certain words that can be reciprocal sometimes and other times not, based on context. Example being "many" used with "hundreds/100s/1000s/thousands/tons of"

So the reciprocation works here:

There are {hundreds of|100s of|1000s of|thousands of|tons of|many} stars in the sky

But not here:

I walk {many|hundreds of|100s of|1000s of|thousands of|tons of} dogs in a day.

So when I go to add these to my faves thesaurus, the word "many" may not work in every context. Though, i would like to have it in the synonyms group with 100s/1000s whatever if the base synonym is say "1000". But if the base synonym is "many", it doesn't work in reciprocation. Hope this makes sense.

So i guess what i'm trying to find out is if there is a way to make certain words "unreciprocal"? Or would it be better to just take out words like that, that can't be used both ways? Could do that, but seems like it lowers the number of synonyms to use when spinning on auto.

Ans: Go into synonyms management, uncheck the 'reciprocal' box for the synonyms group in question.

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