Spinner chief Update October 2015

Spinner Chief 3 And Spinner Chief 4 Videos Tutorial

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SpinnerChief 3 – Spin Tree Feature:

  • The best tool for manual spin demanders.
  • Generate ultimate-spun article in minutes.

SpinnerChief 3 – SuperSpin

Generate readable and unique article by one click. Only available with SpinnerChief Ultimate. Visit here to buy!

SpinnerChief 3 – Sentence Spin

Spin sentence automatically, used sentence spin + spin to generate nested and readable article fully automatically.

SpinnerChief 3 – SuperSpin + Sentence Spin

SpinnerChief 4 – Video

Cloud ‘bad’ Words
Cloud ‘bad’ words can avoid SpinnerChief to replace the word that maybe lead an unreadable after the spin. So this function will make the spun article more readable.

Cloud ‘Good’ Words

The Cloud ‘good’ words function will be used by SpinnerChief first when spin. It will make the spun article more readable too.

SpinnerChief 4 – Video

SpinnerChief 4 VS WordAI and other Spinners

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