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It’s a long, long job to research your keywords, keyword phrases, LSi’s, etc. and then write to be content with your chosen search term that has the perfect keywords, and the perfect density of those keywords.

Keyword Chief looks at the top 10 Google SERP for your search term, compares them to each other, and then tells you the keywords that ALL the top 10 pages are using in their content with the density of those keywords.

In less than a minute you will know exactly which keywords and their relevant density to include in your website copy so that it matches Google’s exact keyword expectations.

Follow the steps below to use the free Keyword Chief immediately.

– First things first, ( click the image if you couldn’t see )

Download Keyword Chief.


Unzip into a normal folder and run keywordchief.exe to register an account.

  • Enter your email to register, PayPal email if possible
  • Login to your email and validate your registration.
  • Click the blue link and activate the registration.
  • Immediately, you can see Email Registered Successful from your screen.
  • Login to Keyword Chief direct from your Desktop.

Our Forum feedback:

Great piece of software.

I have rewritten 3 articles and working on the fourth for a new AdSense site that will go live in the next couple of days.

Also, rewrote 2 articles for an older site.

I was slow in getting to these articles as I worked them into my main business, my copywriting work.

The concept of KeywordChief should pay off in a very few days as I post to the new site and Article Directories…

I will follow up with the progress of the new site and the impact of KeywordChief.

And when the Submitter is released, the three units working together should make a huge impact on promoting any website.

Papa Tom

Download Keyword Chief Pro

Ok wait till you hear this, I am blown out of the water with these results, I wrote some articles the other day on SEO promoting KC, just checked today and I am dominating the 2nd, 3rd, spot for my keyword from two different article directories and I just found out my article already been used on a person site.


And….this is, are you ready for this…..competing with 296,000,000 other sites, can you believe it, in just two days. And this was possible using KC, I just love KC. This software is amazing guys, you really have to get it.

I am starting to blitz my competition now, they don’t even see me coming. Hahahha, thanks to Adrian and John for creating this ingenious piece of software.



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